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iOS 14.2.1 released with fixes for MMS and other bugs specific to iPhone 12 models

iOS 14.2.1 fixes unresponsive lock screens on the iPhone 12 mini

Apple released iOS 14.2.1 for the iPhone 12 lineup on Thursday, fixing issues with MMS messages, hearing aids, and the iPhone 12 mini lock screen.

Apple released the iOS 14.2.1 update only a day after releasing a revised version of iOS 14.2 to iPhone 12 devices. It is unknown why the releases are so close together, but Apple lists specific fixes coming with this update.

The release notes read as follows:

iOS 14.2.1 addresses the following issues for your iPhone:

  • Some MMS messages may not be received
  • Made for iPhone hearing devices could have sound quality issues when listening to audio from iPhone
  • Lock Screen could become unresponsive on iPhone 12 mini

Update your iPhone by opening the Settings app, select "General," then select "Software Update." Ensure your iPhone is at least charged to 50% to start installing the update.

Apple originally released iOS 14.2 in early November which featured over 100 new emoji with more inclusive options and more food and objects. Apple also included eight new wallpaper options including outdoor scenes and artistic pieces.