How to watch 'A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving' free on Apple TV+ and PBS

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Although the famous Charlie Brown special will no longer air on ABC this Thanksgiving, it will be available on Apple TV+, and it's coming to PBS too.

It's been a fixture of the season since the 1970s, but this year you'll have to look elsewhere to watch "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving." Following Apple TV+ buying the rights to all things Charlie Brown, it will no longer be seen on ABC — but it can still be seen for free.

That's partly because Apple is making the special free to watch on Apple TV+ for a limited period. As well as hoping to draw viewers to the service, though, Apple has agreed to have the special air on both PBS and PBS Kids.

When to watch on Apple TV+

Apple TV+ is adding the various Charlie Brown specials one at a time and doing so in what are called limited windows. Subscribers get the shows first, then they are made free to watch on Apple TV+. Finally, they now get a free showing on PBS.

"A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" became available for Apple TV+ subscribers on November 18. It will be made free to watch between November 25 and November 27.

One thing that Apple is not yet clear about is whether the specials will remain on Apple TV+ permanently. It's possible that they will be brought out around the holidays each year.

However, the Halloween special "It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown," was all things Charlie Brown">added to the service on October 19, and it remains available.

Where to watch "Charle Brown" on Apple TV+

You can watch this special and any other available Apple TV+ shows and series through four different routes. This includes the official Apple apps, such as that on the iPhone.

However, there is there is also the Apple TV set-top box, and then there are selected smart TVs.

But, nearly any user on any platform can watch online via any modern browser. Browser streaming may be the most convenient for people who solely want to catch these specials, and don't have an Apple device.

How to watch "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" on Apple TV+ without a subscription

  1. In any modern web browser, go to
  2. Find the show and press Play
  3. Either watch it on your computer, or stream it to a television of your choice

You can also stream from the iPhone, or iPad version of the Apple TV app. Plus you can watch on those apps on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV.

Charlie Brown specials and films on Apple TV+
Charlie Brown specials and films on Apple TV+

How to watch on PBS

Given that Apple TV+ is famously available on "a billion devices, y'all," then in theory "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" remains as easily available to watch as it ever was. You are just seeing it on a different screen.

In practice, though, this is a show that has become a family tradition, and a tradition that has involved gathering around the TV. It remains simple to plug an Apple TV into a regular set, or even AirPlay from, say, an iPhone.

However, that's also perhaps more than someone will want to do if they have no other interest in Apple TV+. For those people, Apple has licensed "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" to PBS for one airing.

The special will be shown simultaneously on PBS and PBS Kids. Overall TV schedules are not yet confirmed, but "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" is expected to air on November 22 at 7:30 P.M. local time.

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