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Rumor: Apple to launch 'AirPods Studio' headphone on Tuesday

An unconfirmed report on Monday claims Apple plans to announce an anticipated "AirPods Studio" headphone device early Tuesday, a product previously expected to launch earlier this year.

Citing multiple sources, blog AppleTrack claims "AirPods Studio" will see an imminent launch that could take place as soon as tomorrow.

While the website lacks a track record in predicting future Apple product releases, the rumblings line up with a report last week noting the circulation of an internal memo informing Apple service technicians of a change in AppleCare policy planned to take effect on Tuesday at 5:30 a.m. Pacific. Similar briefings foreshadowed the launch of Apple's 16-inch MacBook Pro and second-generation AirPods in 2019.

Further, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman in a tweet today reminded readers of prior reports detailing "AirPods Studio." The non sequitur was apropos of no recent post in his timeline, hinting that a product debut might be in the offing.

Last month, noted leaker "l0vetodream" said Apple had a "Christmas surprise" in store, but failed to elaborate on the matter.

"AirPods Studio" is widely rumored to be Apple's first attempt at a branded over-the-ear headphone. Along with active noise cancelling technology and high-end audio reproduction capabilities, the headphones are said to include a host of sensors to assist in advanced functions like automatic ear detection. Also earmarked for inclusion is Apple's U1 chip for orientation awareness.

In October, leaker Jon Prosser claimed production of the device hit a snag, forcing Apple to "cut" certain "key features."