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Apple service documents suggest new hardware release coming on Dec. 8

Credit: Apple

Apple may be planning to release new hardware through a press release on Tuesday, Dec. 8, an internal memo to service providers suggests.

Specifically, the memo advises service technicians to prepare for AppleCare changes at around 5:30 a.m. Pacific Time on Tuesday, Dec. 8. Those changes could include new existing product SKUs, new or updated product descriptions, and new or updated product pricing tiers.

Obtained by MacRumors from a "reliable source," the memo is nearly identical to previous ones sent out ahead of product announcements via press release — including the "16-inch MacBook Pro in November 2019 and second-generation "AirPods in March 2019. AppleInsider is unable to confirm the existence of the document.

Apple has had a busy fall with three separate keynote events in the span of a few months. Because of that, and the proximity to the Dec. 8 date, it's highly unlikely that there will be an actual media event. Similarly, when Apple has announced new products via its Newsroom, it's done so around the 5:30 a.m. Pacific time slot.

As far as what could be announced, Apple has several pending products rumored for 2020 that have yet to debut. They include new over-ear "AirPods Studio" headphones and a Bluetooth and Ultra Wideband "AirTags" tracking device.

Both of those devices were initially expected at one of the three keynotes in the fall, but failed to materialize. The most current information suggests that both could arrive in early 2021, so a release before the end of the year would come as a surprise.

An Apple product release in the middle of December is also highly unusual. Although the company has shipped devices during the last month of the year, like the iMac Pro and cylindrical Mac Pro, it hasn't announced new products in December.

Back in November, serial Apple leaker @L0vetodream also hinted that Apple would debut a "Christmas surprise." Although the leaker didn't specify what it could be, they did suggest that it is a "winter exclusive" and would be good for the season. That may hint at a special edition of a current device.

Also possible is the release of Apple Silicon Macs with 10-gigabit Ethernet, as previously disclosed may be in the works.