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MacBook Pro with SD card slot, no Touch Bar coming in 2021

Apple is planning to remove the Touch Bar in its forthcoming MacBook Pro redesign, but may add an SD card. The 2021 models will not, however, gain 5G.

Among the reports of a new MacBook Air, further rumors say that the MacBook Pro is to get a substantial refresh featuring the addition, and removal, of key features.

According to Bloomberg, the next MacBook Pro will reintroduce the SD card slot. Last seen in 2016's MacBook Pro models, this slot will allow photographers to take SD cards straight from their cameras and load onto the Mac.

Backing up recent reports from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Bloomberg also says that the Touch Bar is going to be dropped.

With the Touch Bar going, and an SD card returning, there is one more feature that will be new — but is unlikely to be included in the 2021 models. Reportedly, future iterations of the new MacBook Pro design will include cellular connectivity.

It's not known from the report whether this means 5G. However, supply chain sources had previously expected Apple to launch a 5G-capable MacBook Pro in 2020.