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Developers can now access App Clips analytics data in App Store Connect

Apple on Monday announced integration of App Clips analytics data in App Store Connect, allowing developers to study how users engage with the new iOS 14 feature.

With App Clips analytics, developers can view number of installations, sessions, crashes and important information regarding how users found and installed the bite-sized app snippets, Apple said in a post to its developer portal.

Views are counted when an App Clip card displays, while installations are tabulated after a user launches the App Clip by interacting with the action button on an App Clip card. If a user subsequently clicks a link on an App Clip to download the associated host app from the App Store, the resulting unit is attributed to said App Clip, Apple says.

App makers can also monitor how and where users install App Clips, whether it be from an App Clip code, the Maps app or external referral.

Apple notes analytics information is restricted to users who agreed to share diagnostics and usage information with app developers.

Introduced at WWDC 2020, App Clips is a new iOS 14 feature that allows users access to critical app functionality, like payments tools, without downloading a full-sized app. Clips can be accessed through specialized QR-style codes, Maps, web links, Messages and more.

App Clips analytics is available in the App Analytics section of App Store Connect.