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Apple could use Foxconn to assemble an 'Apple Car'

Apple's talks with car manufacturers may be continuing, but the company is said to be looking at existing iPhone assemblers too

Following reportedly unsuccessful talks with existing car manufacturers, Apple may be considering using existing suppliers, such as Foxconn, for the production of the "Apple Car."

As reports continue that Apple is still in talks with various car manufacturers, a new claim suggests that the company may be forced to turn to its existing supply chain. Component suppliers and assembly partners such as Foxconn, or Magna, may be tapped for the production of the "Apple Car."

According to Bloomberg, talks with car companies have floundered over how such partnerships would work. Reportedly, manufacturers are not willing to become contract assemblers instead of car developers.

Bloomberg asserts that unnamed sources within the industry believe that Apple will turn to Foxconn and Magna. Foxconn is Apple's major iPhone assembler, while Magna is an auto industry firm that has previously worked on "Apple Car."

The new Bloomberg claim backs up recent reports that Foxconn has already been investing in car production, via Chinese electric vehicle company, Byron. Foxconn is now also working with EV maker Fisker to produce vehicles by 2023.

Bloomberg further claims that an unspecified Apple employee says that Foxconn is used to following Apple designs and requirements.