Apple 'AirTags' slightly larger than US half-dollar coin, says leaker

Render of "AirTags"

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The dimensions of Apple's forthcoming "AirTags" have purportedly been revealed, along with details concerning how they will work.

Alongside a series of claims about the next iPhone, a new video report includes what it purports are new details of Apple's "AirTags."

The video claims that Apple's "AirTags" are 32mm in diameter and 6mm thick, quoting Twitter user Max Weinbach. Also claimed again is that the devices will leverage Apple's Find My network to send the UUID to Apple servers for location — and nothing else user-identifying.

For comparison, an American quarter coin is about 19 millimeters wide. A half-dollar coin is about 30.5 millimeters.

If correct, these dimensions put the "AirTags" in line with one of Tile's trackers, the Tile Mate. The Tile Mate is 35mm square, and 6.2mm thick. The Tile Pro tracker is 42mm square and 6.5mm thick.

"My guess is there's just a BLE beacon broadcasting that at any given moment that the iPhones pick up on," it continues. "Tags can also pick up information on other nearby tags, so it can kinda hop off one another. So when tags come in contact with other tags, they'll pass that data along."

The descriptions fit expectations of how the Tile-like "AirTags" will work, and their overall design.

"AirTags" have been expected to be released at each Apple event of the last year or so. Currently, the most recent rumors predict them being announced at an event in April 2021.

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