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Apple officially rolls out App Store search suggestions feature

Credit: AppleInsider

Apple has officially rolled out search suggestions on the App Store, allowing users to discover apps with more granular controls.

The search suggestions will appear when users perform a standard search on the App Store. Selecting one or more suggestions will refine the search, letting users more easily discover specific types of apps.

Searching "food," for example, will bring up options such as "delivery" or "recipes." Running a search for "games" may bring up categories like "puzzle" or "car." Users can select any one or more of these terms to narrow down their search results.

Apple began quietly testing the feature earlier in April. It appears to be a server-side change because AppleInsider was able to use the search tags on an iPhone running iOS 14.4.2.

The new search suggestions feature is rolling out starting Thursday in the U.S., U.K., Canada, and Australia.