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Apple awards optical firm II-VI a further $410 million, creating 700 jobs

Workers at II-VI (Source: Apple)

Apple has doubled the amount awarded to II-VI from its Advanced Manufacturing Fund, now paying a further $410 million to the optical technology firm that makes iPhone components.

Apple has announced an additional $410 million award for Pennsylvania-based optical technology firm, II-VI. Coming from Apple's Advanced Manufacturing Fund that's intended to promote jobs and development, the sum follows a previous $390 million that was awarded in 2017.

"We established Apple's Advanced Manufacturing Fund to support American businesses creating next-generation technology and the jobs of tomorrow," said Apple's chief operating officer, Jeff Williams, in a statement. "II-VI shares our commitment to push the boundaries of innovation and we're proud to be extending our work together across the country."

Apple's previous award concentrated on building up II-VI's Sherman, Texas facility. The new one is expected to see more jobs created in Sherman, plus ones in Warren, New Jersey, Easton, Pennsylvania, and Champaign, Illinois.

In total, the newly extended collaboration is expected to lead to over 700 new manufacturing jobs across the country.

"The partnership between Apple and II-VI sets the stage for a new wave of breakthrough technologies that we believe will enable a wide range of applications that will benefit our world for decades to come," said Dr. Vincent Mattera Jr., II-VI's CEO.

"We are incredibly grateful for Apple's support which has allowed us to expand our manufacturing capacity and scale our operations across the US," he continued.

II-VI's optical manufacturing technology is part of how Face ID works, plus Memoji, Animoji, and Portrait Mode selfies. Apple is also working with the company on the lasers used in LiDAR scanners to help produce faster, more realistic Apple AR.

Apple's Advanced Manufacturing Fund has previously contributed money to Corning, maker of iPhone glass screens. In 2020, it invested $10 million in producing face masks to combat the coronavirus.

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