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HomePod owners can now stream Deezer music natively

Deezer subscribers can now use "Hey, Siri" commands to access their favorite music on HomePod and HomePod mini.

To start using Deezer on HomePod or HomePod mini, users will need to have an active, paid subscription to Deezer, download the app, and connect their account to HomePod.

Once set up, users can say "Hey Siri, play my Flow," to hear a mix of tracks they've previously listened to, as well as suggested tracks based on previous likes. Users who haven't set Deezer as the default music service will need to append "on Deezer" to the end of their Siri voice commands.

Listeners can also access Deezer's expansive music catalog by searching for specific songs, artists, albums, favorites, or playlists. They can also like, dislike, play on repeat, and shuffle with audio commands.

Deezer HiFi subscribers can also use their HomePod to listen to tracks in high fidelity.

The service is available to users in The US, UK, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, and Spain.

The company notes that Deezer on HomePod does not support podcasts, audiobooks, or live radio at this time.