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Apple awards iPhone glass maker Corning a further $45 million

A trainee worker at Corning (Source: Apple)

Apple is again contributing money to precision iPhone glass manufacturer Corning, with a further $45 million from the Advanced Manufacturing Fund to expand the company and its R&D.

Following its awarding of $200 million to Corning in 2017, and then $250 million in 2019, Apple has again awarded the glass company with investment from its Advanced Manufacturing Fund. The new award is for $45 million, and is specifically aimed at expanding Corning's manufacturing in the US, as well as driving research and development.

"Apple and Corning have a long history of working together to accomplish the impossible," said Apple's chief operating officer, Jeff Williams, in a statement. "From the very first iPhone glass, to the revolutionary Ceramic Shield on the iPhone 12 lineup, our collaboration has changed the landscape of smartphone cover design and durability."

"Ceramic Shield is a prime example of the technologies that are possible when deep innovation meets the power of American manufacturing," he continued. "We're so proud to work alongside Corning, whose 170-year-old legacy is a testament to the ingenuity of the US workforce."

"We are incredibly proud of our collaboration with Apple on Ceramic Shield, made possible in part through the Advanced Manufacturing Fund and the hard work and dedication of hundreds of individuals at Corning and Apple," said Corning chairman and CEO, Wendell P. Weeks.

"We thank Apple for our longstanding product-development partnership and for their continued commitment to supporting the American workforce," he continued. "The deep investment they've provided for new manufacturing technology in our Harrodsburg, Kentucky, facility is not only fueling life-changing innovation, it's also helping us sustain vital communities where we live and work — a fundamental objective at both of our companies."

Apple most recently used its Advanced Manufacturing Fund to create over 700 jobs at optical technology firm II-VI.

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