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Cook preparing for Epic trial testimony, practicing with former prosecutors

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As the trial of Epic Games vs Apple enters its third and final week, Apple CEO Tim Cook is reportedly spending hours per day practicing his testimony with prior trial attorneys.

In the late stages of courtroom activity in Epic's lawsuit against Apple, both sides are likely to bring out their best witnesses and arguments to finish strong. In the case of Apple, that effort will probably include an appearance from Tim Cook.

As the figurehead for Apple, Cook is likely to have to answer tough questions and claims from Epic's lawyers, as he attempts to convince the court Apple isn't operating a monopoly with its App Store. While well versed in public appearances and previously testifying before Congress, Cook has apparently done some homework before visiting court.

The Apple CEO is said by sources of the Wall Street Journal to have been preparing for his appearance by undertaking practice rounds with former prosecutors, selected by his legal team to try and simulate the expected experience in the witness stand.

Apple has previously told the court Cook will speak about the company's core values, as well as other topics about competition and its operation. Cook is also anticipated to discuss the economic benefits to developers of the App Store's existence, and that Epic's lawsuit is an attempt to get a better deal for itself from Apple, rather than for altruistic goals.

Cook has already spent a lengthy period speaking to Epic's lawyers ahead of the trial. In February, the court ruled the Apple CEO had to undertake a seven-hour deposition, rejecting an attempted compromise by Apple to subject him to four hours of deposition.

While all eyes will be on Cook's testimony, he probably won't be the only Apple executive to take to the stand in the coming days. Former marketing chief and Apple Fellow Phil Schiller is anticipated to make an appearance, as well as SVP of Software Engineering Craig Federighi.

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