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iOS 14 now installed on 85% of all compatible iPhones, Apple says

Credit: Andrew O'Hara, AppleInsider

Apple has released new iOS adoption statistics indicating that iOS 14 is installed on 85% of all iPhones and 90% of devices released in the last four years.

According to Apple's new data, only 10% of users with an iPhone released in the last four years are running an older version of iOS. Among them, about 8% are on iOS 13, while 2% are running an earlier version.

Among all devices that Apple is tracking, 85% are running iOS 14. As with iPhones released in the last four years, 8% are running iOS 13. However, when all iPhones are added to the mix, about 7% have an earlier iOS version installed.

It's a similar story for iPadOS. Apple says 91% of iPads released in the last four years are on iPadOS 14, while 8% are using iPadOS 13 and 1% are using an older operating system update.

When tracking all iPads, Apple says that 79% are using iPadOS 14. Across the rest of the Apple tablets that the company is tracking, 9% are using iPadOS 13 and 12% are using an earlier version.

The Apple data was collected by analyzing App Store visits on June 3, 2021.

Apple's iOS 14 update appears to be outpacing previous versions. In June of 2020, the newest version at the time — iOS 13 — was only installed on 81% of all compatible iPhone models.

The first-party Apple data also lines up with recent estimates by app analysis firm Mixpanel. In April, the firm estimated that iOS 14 had exceeded 90% adoption.

The updated adoption numbers come a few days ahead of Apple's WWDC 21 event, during which the company is expected to unveil iOS 15 and other new operating system updates.

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