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M1 iPad Pro teardown reveals mini LED system, minor component changes

Credit: AppleInsider

The repair experts at iFixit have completed an initial teardown of the M1 iPad Pro, revealing the device's new mini LED backlight and other changes from past models.

Although it has yet to publish a full teardown, iFixit has taken a closer look under the hood of the new M1-equipped iPad Pro models in a new YouTube clip. While there are some major changes from A-series iPad Pro, iFixit's focus was the new mini LED-based XDR display.

Compared to past Apple tablets, iFixit reports that getting into the device hasn't changed much. Removing the device's display requires application of heat, careful prying, and some patience as to not damage any cables or delicate components.

Once iFixit removed the display, it found only a few significant changes from non-M1 iPad Pros. The device now has 5G antennas around the edges of the frame, a 40.33 watt-hour capacity, and, of course, the M1 chip.

There's also a new front-facing camera with an ultra-wide field of view that allows for the company's "Center Stage" feature.

The iFixit teardown has also given us a closer look at how the new mini LED backlight works. Traditionally, Apple's devices have used a single strip of LEDs across one edge of the display to provide backlighting. The new iPad Pro's mini LED backlighting system uses tiny grids of LEDs that provide both quality and contrast enhancements.

The iFixit video has a much more in-depth explanations and visuals that are helpful in understanding how the new mini LED display works.

Teardowns of the M1 iPad Pro models are not yet complete. When iFixit wraps up, it will release a repair guide as well as the site's signature repairability score.

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