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Apple earns close to $1 million per day from 'Roblox' game alone

'Roblox' is a social gaming platform

The social gaming platform "Roblox" is iPhone gaming's biggest earner with $3 million in revenue per day, and Apple gets 30% of that.

"Roblox" is a popular mobile game that lets users download and participate in "experiences." These experiences can vary from small levels or challenges to entire gaming worlds within the "Roblox" app.

According to data from Finbold, "Roblox" has positioned itself as the lead revenue generator on mobile platforms. Customers buy an in-app-currency called "Robux" to exchange for in-game items or costumes.

This simple model has driven players to spend more money in "Roblox" than in any other mobile game during 2021. As of June, the top ten grossing iPhone games in the app store generated $11.2 million per day in revenue, and "Roblox" is $3 million of that.

'Roblox' earns the most daily revenue by far. Image credit: Finbold
'Roblox' earns the most daily revenue by far. Image credit: Finbold

The distant second in the revenue generation is "Clash of Clans" at $1.8 million, then "Candy Crush Saga" at $1.4 million. The total revenue calculated for each game includes the purchase price of the game and in-app purchases.

Roblox recently went public on the stock market and reported $387 million in revenue. That number is a combination of gross revenue from the Apple App Store, Android Marketplace, other digital retailers, and Robux purchased from physical outlets.

Thanks to Apple's 30% take on each in-app purchase made on the platform, "Roblox" generates around $900,000 per day for the company. That income alone may be enough for Apple to overlook some of the flaws in "Roblox," including changing its description of "games" to "experiences" to avoid Apple's scrutiny.

This success replaces the gap left by the previous forerunner on mobile platforms, "Fortnite." After Epic Games broke the App Store rules and had "Fortnite" pulled from Apple platforms, a vacuum was left in mobile gaming. It seems "Roblox" has taken over as the top earner on iPhone thanks to its social aspects and in-app purchase ecosystem.

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