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Find My can find powered-off or wiped iPhones in iOS 15

Credit: Apple

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In iOS 15, users will be able to find a lost or missing iPhone in Find My — even if it's powered off or factory reset.

Along with a new separation alert feature, Find My in iOS 15 is getting an upgrade with a tracking mechanism that allows users to trace an iPhone when it's powered off. The alert pops up when an iPhone is running low on power after updating to iOS 15.

"Locate your devices using the Find My network even after they have been turned off. This can help you locate a missing device that was low on battery power or that may have been turned off by a thief," Apple says.

Apple notes that users can change the functionality in the Find My pane of the Settings app.

Additionally, in iOS 15, Apple says that Find My tracking will work even when an iPhone is reset to factory settings if Activation Lock is enabled.

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