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Google Stadia exits beta period, available now on iPhone

Google Stadia exits beta on iOS

The Google Stadia game streaming service has exited its experimental phase on iOS and is now a progressive web app within Safari.

Stadia first came to iOS and iPadOS in December in the form of a beta web app. The game streaming service brings PC games to any Stadia-enabled device without a download or need for a powerful graphics card.

Google announced it has exited the beta phase of Stadia on iOS and is rolling out the new version now. The new version includes the ability to choose mobile-optimized resolution adjustments.

Those looking to try Stadia on their iPhone or iPad need to create a Stadia account and add the Progressive Web App to their Home Screen. Once logged in and on the Stadia site use the share sheet and select "add to Home Screen."

This web app will launch a new Safari window without the usual browser UI elements. You'll be able to log in and play games from here. Stadia supports touch controls, but a Bluetooth controller is recommended.

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