New Level Lock complete smart lock package with HomeKit arrives

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On Tuesday, Level introduced its latest HomeKit-enabled smart lock — branded simply as Level Lock — and has a tiny form factor and fits between Level's existing smart lock solutions.

Level Lock is an all-in-one lock solution that includes the lock hardware as well as the smart components. It has a smaller footprint than previous models and Level claims that it is the smallest smart lock ever made.

From the outside, Level Lock looks like a standard deadbolt. The new model still fits all the smarts necessary for HomeKit control as well as Amazon Alexa into the smaller size.

"Smart home products are a frustrating trade-off, where consumers have to choose between technology or a thoughtful design," said John Martin, Level co-founder and CEO. "With a timeless design and advanced technology packed under the surface, the Level Lock lets consumers have it all. As the third option added to the Level product portfolio, we have expanded the range of invisible smart entry products designed to fit consumers' home designs, access needs, and family lifestyles."

Users can to lock and unlock the Level Lock via Siri from an iPhone or Apple Watch, or include the Level Lock in scenes. HomeKit also allows the Level Lock automatically unlock or lock as your arrive or leave.

Like the other Level products, it is made secure with 440C stainless steel and is BHMA AAA-certified for the highest quality security, durability, and reliability standards.

Level Lock fits in the middle of Level's lineup. It is priced at $249 and sits above the standard Level Bolt that just includes the smart components without any door hardware at $199 and the Level Touch at $329 which has touch-sensitive door hardware.

The Level Lock is now available direct from Level's website for $249. It is available in matte black, satin nickel, satin chrome, and polished brass.

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