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Apple employees pen second letter asking for work-from-home options

Credit: Apple

Some Apple staffers are continuing to push for more flexible work arrangements and remote options by sending a new internal letter to company executives.

The letter, which was signed by hundreds of employees and obtained by Vox, urges Apple's leadership to rethink the decision to have corporate employee work from offices for at least three days a week. It was addressed to Apple CEO Tim Cook, Apple's human resources chief Deidre O'Brien, and related team members.

As an alternative to the current hybrid work model proposed by Apple, the letter suggests that Apple conduct "pilot agreements" that would allow employees to work from home full time with specific restrictions.

"With COVID-19 numbers rising again around the world, vaccines proving less effective against the Delta variant, and the long-term effects of infection not well understood, it is too early to force those with concerns to come back to the office," the letter reportedly says.

According to Vox, the letter was posted to an internal Apple Slack channel dedicated to discussing remote work. The channel has about 6,000 members.

This is the second letter this summer that Apple employees have sent to executives asking for more flexible work options. Despite employee pleas, Apple has taken a hardline stance on in-office work — leading some staffers to threaten quitting their jobs.

In addition to the internal letters, Apple employees also sent out an informal survey asking other staff members about their work preferences. About 90% of respondents to the survey said they want more flexible remote work options.

Apple is set to begin holding in-person work hours starting in September, with employees required to work in an office on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Per that schedule, Wednesday and Friday can be work-from-home days.

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