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Apple's MagSafe Battery Pack is now available worldwide

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The MagSafe Battery Pack for the iPhone 12 range is now available from Apple Stores around the world, with the in-store pickup option being considerably quicker for customers than waiting for delivery.

Regional Apple Stores are starting to show the MagSafe Battery Pack as being available for in-store pickup at Apple Store outlets. Checks by AppleInsider in various regional versions of the online marketplace in Europe reveal customers can grab the iPhone accessory immediately.

However, not all locations currently offer in-store pickup. In the case of the US online Apple Store, the product listing says in-store pickup is "currently unavailable" as of 7:50am Eastern. This may change later on as stores start to open for business.

Going to stores may be the quickest option for consumers to get the MagSafe Battery Pack, as online orders state delivery will take between five and seven business days in the U.S., rising to as late as August 2 in the UK and France.

The MagSafe Battery Pack attaches to the back of the iPhone 12 range magnetically using MagSafe, and provides an extra portable power source for the mobile device. It is available to purchase for $99.

AppleInsider will be testing the pack in the coming days.

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