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Apple stops 'woozy face' emoji from appearing when 'stammer' is typed

The Woozy face appearing when "stammer" is typed into Messages.

Apple has issued an update that stops the "woozy face" emoji from appearing when users type in the word "stammer" into messaging apps on iOS, including iMessage.

Earlier in July, Stamma, the British Stammering Association, called out Apple for the gaffe, in which the "woozy face" would appear as a suggested emoji if users typed the word "stammer" into a first- or third-party messaging app on iOS.

On Friday, Stamma tweeted that Apple "issued an iOS update to remove the link" that caused the issue.

The link between "stammer" and "woozy face" on iOS was likely not intentional. Instead, it could have been the result of machine learning incorrectly associating the word with the emoji. Apple, like other companies, uses machine learning to determine common word and emoji usage.

It isn't clear whether the issue was resolved in the latest iOS 14.7 update, or if Apple rolled out a server-side fix to correct it.

Stamma noted that "Apple has not issued an apology, nor responded to [its] correspondence." However, it added that it welcomes the response to the problem.