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Paramount+ and Showtime Apple TV bundle billing issues suggest end of deal

A number of Apple TV channels customers are discovering their grandfathered bundle of Paramount+ and Showtime is being refunded, in what could be a sign that the deal is being discontinued.

Following the rebranding of CBS All Access to Paramount , users who subscribed to an Apple TV channels bundle combining it with Showtime have continued to enjoy the pairing at $9.99 per month. It now seems that those grandfathered customers are no longer able to take advantage of the bundle.

Users on Reddit have reported billing errors, where the usual $9.99 fee for the bundle failed to renew. A check of the subscription in their account shows the bundle as "expired," and non-accessible.

In one case, a customer contacted Apple support and was informed their card was declined. However, on checking with their bank, it seems the payment was sent through, then Apple refunded it.

Another Reddit user was informed by a senior supervisor of Apple's support that it was a "special offer for 1 year" rather than a permanent bundle.

AppleInsider staff discovered the same charge and refund activity for the bundle, performed through PayPal, with the account and associated financial instruments in good standing. Other Reddit users have also discovered other Apple subscriptions have gone through fine at around the same time, with only the bundle subscription being of issue.

Paypal emails received by AppleInsider over a failed payment for the Paramount+/Showtime Apple TV bundle.

If the bundle has discontinued, this now means consumers will have to spend more than double the bundle's cost to get the same service. Paramount Plus costs $9.99 for the ad-free experience while Showtime costs $10.99 separately, putting the potential outlay at $20.98.

User access to both services does not yet appear to be cut off. AppleInsider has reached out to Paramount+ and Apple for comment.