BlueJeans video conferencing adds Apple Health sharing support

The BlueJeans iOS app now integrates with Apple Health

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Verizon's BlueJeans Telehealth service is integrating with the Apple Health app to let users share their medical data as part of its virtual health consultations.

The forthcoming iOS 15 already introduces the ability for individuals to share their health data. But now users of BlueJeans Telehealth can elect to have their health data shared with practitioners and healthcare providers, via Apple's Health app.

"With the new Apple Health app integration and unique Televisit Tile, patients can now share certain health data with practitioners and healthcare providers during their BlueJeans Telehealth visit," says co-founder Krish Ramakrishnan in a blog post.

"Allowing patients to securely share specific categories of health data, including heart rate, sleep, falls, and more with their provider during telehealth appointments," continues Ramakrishnan, "the BlueJeans Telehealth integration with the Apple Health app enables more informed conversations, while simultaneously providing patients control over which data they choose to share."

The new health sharing service is not exclusive to iPhone users, but Ramakrishnan says that Apple's app lets people control what they do and don't want to share.

"For those joining from an iPhone, integration with the Apple Health app allows patients to share certain categories of their personal health data — including heart rate, ECG, sleep, step count, falls, and mobility data — directly into the BlueJeans Telehealth app," he says.

That BlueJeans Telehealth app is on iOS, and data is synced between it and Apple Health.