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Apple TV+ original sci-fi film 'Finch' starring Tom Hanks debuts on Nov. 5

Credit: Apple

Apple has announced that its Tom Hanks-led post-apocalyptic sci-fi original film "Finch" will make its debut on Apple TV+ on Friday, Nov. 5.

The film follows a man, a robot, and a dog who form an unlikely family in a "a powerful and moving adventure of one man's quest to ensure that his beloved canine companion will be cared for after he's gone."

Hanks will star as Finch, a robotics engineer and survivor of a cataclysmic solar event that has devastated the world. Caleb Landry Jones plays a robot that Finch creates to watch over his dog, Goodyear.

"As the trio embarks on a perilous journey into a desolate American West, Finch strives to show his creation, who names himself Jeff, the joy and wonder of what it means to be alive. Their road trip is paved with both challenges and humor, as it's as difficult for Finch to goad Jeff and Goodyear to get along as it is for him to manage the dangers of the new world," Apple wrote of the film.

Robert Zemeckis, Luck, Sapochnik, Andy Berman, Adam Merims, and Jeb Brody executive produced the series. Kevin Misher, Jack Rapke, and Jacqueline Levine served as producers. The film is directed by Miguel Sapochnik and is based on a screenplay by Ivor Powell.

The film will join a growing list of prestige movies on Apple TV+, including previous Hanks project "Greyhound" and upcoming Will Smith-headed film "Emancipation."