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Mous MagSafe-compatible gear review: A whole ecosystem of magnetic accessories

The Mous MagSafe lineup

Mous Magsafe-compatible collection

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MagSafe is coming to more and more accessories and cases these days. The Mous Limitless 4.0 lineup of cases, mounts, and wallets provide several attractive and premium options for users to adorn their iPhone 12 with that all support Apple's magnetic mounting system.

Only users of the iPhone 12 line can take advantage of MagSafe, including the iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Mous has continued to add new products to its MagSafe-compatible lineup. At the moment, it offers several different cases, a stand, and a wallet, but several new mounts will become available soon.

Mous Limitless 4.0 cases

The Mous lineup of cases has been a favorite for some time, and it led the market in magnetic accessories. We took a look at the Limitless 3.0 system in early 2020, but now it's on Limitless 4.0, which updated the internal magnets to work with MagSafe.

AirShock lining of the Mous cases
AirShock lining of the Mous cases

Besides the support of MagSafe, most of the cases haven't changed. They are very protective and lined with AiroShock material that promises solid drop protection, though Mous doesn't give a specific height.

Another change from the prior cases is that it is now thinner than ever. Mous seems to confirm the same level of drop support but in a more compact package.

Part of that change is from the adoption of the new magnetic array that takes up less space than the Limitless 3.0 or Limitless 2.0 cases.

This creates a better feeling when held and doesn't add unnecessary bulk to your phone. Other than, you know, the normal bulk coming from a case.

The Mous leather case
The Mous leather case

The Limitless 4.0 cases are available in leather, bamboo, aramid finger, walnut wood, or a speckled fabric, but we're also in love with the clear version.

Apple offers its own clear MagSafe case, but it's only offered with a white covering for the MagSafe magnets. Mous doesn't push the envelope a whole lot with its version, but it is a step up.

The Mous clear case
The Mous clear Infinity case

The clear Infinity case is made from polycarbonate, which has a rigid structure and will never yellow from UV exposure. It also is the thinnest case that Mous has produced.

All of the Mous cases feel like they are of the highest quality, and with MagSafe, they have been able to work flawlessly with any MagSafe accessory we've tested. That includes the several from Mous.

Speaking of which...

Mous MagSafe wallet

The Mous wallet has been upgraded, like everything in this piece, to support MagSafe. Unlike other manufacturers, Mous had a leg up as it had already been producing magnetic wallets for years.

Mous Wallet on SurfacePad from Twelve South and the Mous Limitless 4.0 case
Mous Wallet on SurfacePad from Twelve South and the Mous Limitless 4.0 case

After some tweaks, the magnetic wallet we knew and loved supported MagSafe. You can use the wallet with any of the Mous Limitless 4.0 cases but now any other MagSafe case as well.

The wallet has a rigid back and two side-facing card slots. Both slots are separated from one another, unlike Apple's that only has one opening.

On the back of the wallet are more than a hundred tiny silicone dots. These help stop the wallet from sliding around on the back of your phone, which is a common complaint of Apple's version.

Silicone dots on the back of the Mous wallet
Silicone dots on the back of the Mous wallet

These grippy dots do a great job, and the wallet hasn't come off for us so far, even as we put the phone and wallet in our pockets.

Finally, this wallet allows the cards to be removed while the wallet still is on the back of your phone, unlike Apple's, which needs to be removed first.

The Mous MagSafe stand

MagSafe stand from Mous
MagSafe stand from Mous

We've seen countless MagSafe-compatible stands as we approach a year after the iPhone 12 line launched. Nomad, Grovemade, and Native Union were among our favorites.

Now we are adding Mous to the list.

Mous MagSafe stand
Mous MagSafe stand

Mous is still using premium materials — in this case aluminum — but it carries a much lower price tag. Whereas many of the competitors use stainless steel, aluminum is far cheaper though it's also lighter.

The stand is made from a single piece of aluminum that is bent into a "Z" shape and holds the phone back at an angle that is well-suited for on your desk. The edition is anodized to a semi-gloss black finish. This creates a very sleek, modern profile that doesn't look bulky but is very functional.

Mous MagSafe stand holds your wallet while not mounted on your phone
Mous MagSafe stand holds your wallet while not mounted on your phone

As an extra cool bonus, the bottom of the stand is designed to act as a tray. You can place some business cards, a money clip, or best of all — your MagSafe wallet.

3M adhesive holds the MagSafe puck
3M adhesive holds the MagSafe puck

To connect your MagSafe puck, Mous uses some stock 3M adhesive, namely a small 3/4 inch circle in the center of a mounting plate.

Out of the box, there is a piece of heavy packaging around the top edge of the dock that serves as your guide for sticking the puck on. Align your own MagSafe puck with this edge and press on the center.

Spring-loaded thumbscrew on the back to remove the MagSafe puck
Spring-loaded thumbscrew on the back to remove the MagSafe puck

Once mounted, the adhesive holds tight to your puck. It is removable, but it isn't intended to be removed and reapplied. Rather, the creator opted for a more clever solution.

The mounting plate is removable to take the puck with you
The mounting plate is removable to take the puck with you

The mounting plate itself is removable from the stand, held in by a spring-loaded thumbscrew on the back. Once twisted free, the screw pops back and you can pull the mounting plate away.

To make reconnecting easier, two small pins slot into the back of the plate. Line it up, and then twist the screw back in.

Another small benefit here is that the way your MagSafe puck mounts to the stand leaves good airflow behind it. MagSafe can run hot, and surrounding the puck (like almost all others do) can make it run even hotter. With air flowing behind, your MagSafe puck can stay as cool as it possibly can.

The cable is routed down towards the bottom at out the back, connecting to whatever 20W power source you have around.

Watching Ted Lasso in landscape mode on Mous MagSafe stand
Watching Ted Lasso in landscape mode on Mous MagSafe stand

With your MagSafe puck attached, your phone will quickly connect, and since it is magnetic, there is no proper orientation. You can rotate the phone to any angle, including sideways to watch movies in landscape orientation.

On the bottom of the stand is a ring of microsuction foam, which helps the stand stay put. Since it is lighter than the steel alternatives, this guarantees it won't go sliding around your desk or nightstand when you try to place your phone.

Should you buy the Mous MagSafe-compatible lineup?

With the MagSafe market getting more competitive, it is getting harder for brands to differentiate themselves.

Mous MagSafe stand
Mous MagSafe stand

Mous has tried to set itself apart with premium options as part of an entire lineup of accessories. The company is all-on on MagSafe and has cases, mounts, wallets, and more on the way.

The idea being is even if you try one or two of its products, you will be more likely to invest in the rest of the lineup, even if MagSafe gear is all interoperable.

If you're looking to expand your MagSafe gear, Mous is a great place to start your search.


  • An entire ecosystem of MagSafe-compatible gear
  • Cases offer great drop protection
  • Cases have premium material finishes like wood or leather
  • Long lineage of magnetic accessories
  • First wallet we've used with horizontal access
  • Stand has a very slim profile
  • Stand has a small tray to hold your MagSafe wallet of any brand
  • Stand is made from a single piece of anodized aluminum
  • Phone can twist to any angle on the stand
  • Clear cases come with different colored inserts
  • Silicone dots keep wallet in place
  • Wallet matches the leather Mous case
  • Spring-loaded screw allows the release of MagSafe puck without removing adhesive


  • Not a ton of weight in the stand
  • Wallet still only holds two cards

Rating: 4 out of 5

Where to buy

You can find much of the Mous lineup on Amazon including its exceptional phone cases which are available for all sizes of the iPhone 12 lineup starting at $64.99. The Mous wallet is also available for $49, and the mount will run you $29.95.