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Level Lock partners with Rocky Mountain Hardware to expand HomeKit lock options

Rocky Mountain Hardware partners with Level Lock

On Tuesday, Level Home announced that it will be bringing its technology to Rocky Mountain Hardware, which will give even more smart locks HomeKit compatibility.

Now, Level Bolt — the invisible smart lock — can be integrated into a variety of Rocky Mountain Hardware collections. This includes Ellis, Mack, Metro, Edge, and more.

"We've long believed that true smart home products should thoughtfully balance design and technology, without any compromises," said John Martin, CEO and co-founder, Level. "Our invisible smart lock technology allows homeowners to maintain the aesthetic of their homes. We're thrilled to unveil our new collection with Rocky Mountain Hardware and offer even more ways for users to customize their homes with premium hardware and advanced technology."

Level is known to be one of the most compact smart lock around which allows it to easily integrate into other door hardware. It uses a six-stage stainless steel gearbox that runs on a single CR2 battery for over a year.

This is the second such integration for Level who last year partnered with Omnia On a more diversified line of smart locks.

The new Level-integrated locks are available now from the Rocky Mountain Hardware website.