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Apple releases slightly revised build of its newest AirTag firmware

AirTag firmware update

Only five days after AirTag firmware version 1.0.291 was released, Apple has updated the firmware again with a slight build number change.

Unlike other device operating systems, the AirTag does not have an update menu to control incoming updates install. Instead, users must wait for the update to install automatically.

According to 9to5Mac, the new firmware version remains 1.0.291, but has a slightly updated build number. The build number has increased from 1A291a to 1A291c.

Users can check the firmware version via the Find My app. Just tap on the "Items" tab, select an AirTag, then tap the battery icon below the device name to view the firmware version.

Only the version number is revealed in the Find My app, so there is no way to know if the new update has been installed if you already had the previous 1.0.291 update.

Apple didn't provide any release notes or documentation for this release.