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Nomad launches MagSafe-compatible Base Station Mini with Magnetic Alignment

iPhone 12 on Base Station Mini

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Noman on Tuesday introduced an updated version of its compact Base Station Mini with new internal magnets to help align the device and enable the fastest possible charging. This updated Qi charger also is compatible with Apple's MagSafe on iPhone 12.

First introduced earlier this year, the new model, dubbed the Base Station Mini with Magnetic Alignment, also has upped the Qi wireless charging speed to a maximum of 15W, though iPhones are still limited to 7.5W at the high end.

It still features a metal body with a padded Horween leather top surface and an ambient light sensor that intelligently dims and brightens the status LED based on the brightness of the room. At night, it will dim, so you aren't blinded by the small white light.

The new Base Station Mini
The new Base Station Mini

The charger is powered over USB-C will magnetically hold iPhone 12 units dead-center to help optimize charging and preventing it from sliding off the pad.

Nomad's new Base Station Mini with Magnetic Alignment is available today for $69.95 directly from Nomad.