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Apple adds theft and loss coverage to AppleCare+ in UK, Australia

AppleCare+ has added Theft + Loss for UK and Australia iPhone buyers

Long an extra option for AppleCare+ buyers in the US, Apple has now extended the ability to purchase coverage for iPhone theft or loss, to both Australia and the UK.

AppleCare+ is primarily designed as insurance for accidental damage, but in the US, Germany, and Japan, Apple has offered a paid supplement. This Theft + Loss addition will replace a stolen iPhone for a reduced fee.

Now that same supplement, with similar costs and conditions, is now also available for iPhone buyers in the UK and Australia.

Prices vary depending on which iPhone model is being insured this way. The new iPhone 13 Pro, for instance, is offered as either 11.99GBP ($16.61) per month, or 239GBP ($331) one-off fee.

The one-off fee is $30 more than in the US, and the per-month cost on this model is $3.12 more.

For an iPhone 12, Apple UK now offers Theft + Loss for 6.99GBP per month, or 139GBP outright. Again, that one-off cost is around $30 more than in the UK than in the US.

Australian prices are around $35 less than the US when bought outright.