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Netflix Games service is now available on iPhone, iPad

Credit: Netflix

Netflix has announced that Netflix Games, which is included in the company's existing subscriptions, is now available on iOS — about one week after the new feature debuted on Android.

The Netflix Games feature allows users to play Netflix-created titles such as "Stranger Things: 1984" and "Shooting Hoops" on various platforms like an iPhone or iPad.

Netflix Games is included in existing Netflix packages, so no additional fees or subscriptions are required. Additionally, the streaming service is releasing each game as an individual app on the App Store to fully comply with Apple's rules on game catalog apps.

The games are live on the App Store as of writing, and the company says that they'll be listed on the main Netflix app come Wednesday.

Netflix debuted the feature on Android back on Nov. 3. Similar to the way it works on Android, the individual games are downloaded to a user's device instead of being streamed from the cloud. That echoes Apple's own Apple Arcade platform.

More information is available on Netflix's website.