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Apple marks 40 years in France, opens Apple Music studio in Paris

Apple marks 40 years in France

Apple has announced a new Apple Music studio on the Champs-Elysees in Paris, as it celebrates four decades since it first began operations in France.

Alongside its radio studios in Los Angeles, New York, Nashville and London, Apple's new Paris site will initially be used for long-form interviews. According to a statement, Apple says that it will be used for the LE CODE and Hits Francais programs.

"The studio will also soon host artists who will come to host their own radio shows," says the Apple France announcement (in translation.) "The space will include a radio studio with a DJ booth, as well as a Space Audio listening booth for artists."

"France occupies a special place in my heart," Tim Cook said in the same statement. "Every time I go there, I am inspired by this welcoming, dynamic and deeply creative community of artists and developers. I am delighted to celebrate Apple's 40th anniversary in France with our local teams and the customers and communities they serve."

Speaking to France.TV's "C a Vous" ("It's You") show, Cook said that, "there is nothing about France that is ordinary."

"I love France," he continued. "France is an incredible heart of art and innovation, and really stands at the intersection of creativity. Apple has always aspired to do that, and so we are kindred spirits, in a way."

Apple says that it began with a small sales team in France in 1981. It now has 2,700 employees and runs 20 Apple Stores.

It was also in France where Jean-Louis Gassee first worked for Apple. Gassee later presented the launch of devices such as the Macintosh IIfx, and kickstarted the Newton MessagePad project.

Although he left Apple in 1990, he continues to comment on the company occasionally in his Monday Note blog.