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Apple, Meta on 'collision course' in wearables, home, and AR markets

Credit: Meta

The rivalry between Apple and Meta appears to be mostly about privacy, but competition around augmented reality, wearables, and smart home devices could be brewing between the two tech giants.

In the latest edition of Bloomberg's "Power On" newsletter, Mark Gurman compares the AR, smartwatch, and home device initiatives of the two Silicon Valley giants.

While Apple has issued privacy updates that have affected Meta's business, Meta — formerly known as Facebook — has criticized Apple's App Store policies. However, Gurman posits that the rivalry will heat up when both companies begin competing in other spaces.

Meta, for example, is currently working on a mixed-reality headset called Project Cambria. Apple too is said to be developing an advanced mixed-reality visor, which will likely be much more expensive than Meta's version.

Additionally, the Apple Watch could see future competition from a Meta-branded smartwatch that could incorporate health and communication features.

Lastly, Meta expanded into smart home products with its Portal lineup of devices. Apple competes in the market with the HomePod and HomeKit.

However, Gurman believes that Apple is "about get serious" in the smart home business. The company is rumored to be working on a combined set-top box with a speaker built-in, as well as a device that could be similar to the Portal or Amazon's Echo Show.

The end result, according to the "Power On" newsletter, is that Apple and Meta are likely headed toward a "collision course" in the wearables, home, and AR markets.