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Sengled unveils new HomeKit Video-Sync light strips, smart outdoor string lights

Sengled's smart outdoor Wi-Fi light bulbs

Smart lighting company Sengled has announced a number of HomeKit-compatible products at CES 2022, including light strips that sync to streaming content and outdoor string lights.

For example, the company is set to release a new Bluetooth smart bulb that sports health-tracking features. The A19 Bulb, which won a CES Innovation Award, will allow users to monitor their sleep, track vitals, and detect falls. It's still in the "very early" stages of development, however.

Other products that could debut sooner in 2022 include the Wi-Fi Video-Sync TV Light Strips. The light strips sync to a TV via a small camera and will project the same colors displayed on a show, movie, or other content. The light stripes will be priced around $120.

The company also announced new Wi-Fi LED outdoor string lights that feature millions of different color combinations and bulbs that can be individually set to a different color. They'll be priced at $80.

Sengled also announced a $60 Wi-Fi Portable Lamp that's powered by a rechargeable battery and features light functions like dimming, color changing, and or a flickering candlelight effect.

The Wi-Fi Video-Sync TV Light Strips will project colors from the show or movie you're watching.
The Wi-Fi Video-Sync TV Light Strips will project colors from the show or movie you're watching.

The company will also release a smart LED diffuser light, window and door sensors, and a Zigbee motion sensor device. Sengled also said that its existing Bluetooth Mesh lights will get Google Assistant support within the "next few months."

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