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CarKey support may spread to Hyundai, Genesis by the summer

Drivers may be able to open more cars with an iPhone or Apple Watch in the coming months, with Hyundai and Genesis expected to support Apple's CarKey feature by the summer.

Originally introduced in June 2020, Apple's CarKey is a feature designed to unlock and start cars and other vehicles, using a digital key stored in the Wallet app of an iPhone or Apple Watch. While it has so far been officially supported only by BMW, it seems that support could expand in 2022.

It is said that CarKey will start to become available in certain models from Hyundai and its Genesis spinoff, according to sources of Mark Gurman's "Power On" newsletter for Bloomberg. Functionality for CarKey will apparentlly roll out for the unidentified models by the summer.

This isn't the first time the claim about CarKey expansion has been made. In September 2021, code found in an iOS 15 configuration file referenced Genesis as a "partner" for supported car access terminals, joining the existing BMW relationship.

Neither Hyundai nor Genesis have publicly confirmed CarKey support was on the way, however Genesis does use a digital key supporting Android devices for select models.

For iOS 15, CarKey was upgraded with support for Bluetooth Low Energy and Ultra Wideband, potentially allowing for its use without removing the iPhone from a bag or pocket beforehand.

Hyundai's potential support of CarKey could arrive a year after the disastrous talks between the manufacturer and Apple about the Apple Car. After Hyundai publicly confirmed talks were underway, Apple pulled away, though apparently the discussions weren't fully abandoned.