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iOS 15.4 beta 2 adds framework for Tap to Pay on iPhone

Tap to Pay on iPhone code discovered in iOS 15.4 beta

Tap to Pay on iPhone code was discovered in the iOS 15.4 second developer beta indicating Apple could launch the feature with the next version of its operating system.

Apple indicated that the Tap to Pay on iPhone feature would launch in the spring, with Stripe as one of the first adopters. Code in the iOS 15.4 beta shows that the feature may launch with the public release of that update.

The code was discovered by MacRumors contributor Steve Moser. It included images that show off the interface and a "PaymentRecieved" sound file.

Other discovered snippets included:

  • iPhone ready to accept a contactless payment.
  • Hold your card or device to the seller's iPhone and wait for the success sound.
  • To accept contactless payments, turn on NFC and try again.
  • The payment timed out for your security. Try again when you are ready to accept a payment.
  • Multiple reward passes applied
  • Pay %@ %@
  • Refund from %@ for %@"
  • Try Again & Hold Card Longer
  • Use your iPhone to accept payments from contactless credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, or any other contactless payment devices.

Apple announced the Tap to Pay on iPhone feature earlier on Tuesday indicating it would be available later in 2022. Stripe is the first payment platform that will offer the feature with more to come later in the year.