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Stripe launches closed beta program for Tap to Pay on iPhone

Apple Tap to Pay on iPhone feature

Stripe is launching a new closed beta program to test support for Apple's new Tap to Pay on iPhone feature, which the payment company said will launch in the spring.

Apple earlier on Tuesday announced Tap to Pay on iPhone, a feature that will let merchants and small businesses accept payments without requiring a separate hardware piece. In its announcement, Apple said it was working with Stripe on integrating the feature.

Shortly after Apple's announcement, Stripe announced its closed beta, which users can sign up for here. Stripe says it'll contact interested beta testers with more details.

The Tap to Pay on iPhone will be available on the Stripe Terminal SDK as part of the program.

When the integration launches, individual merchants and small business owners will be able to accept contactless payments via Apple Pay, credit or debit card, and digital wallets with no additional hardware.

Stripe's integration will also extend to its partners, including Shopify.

Users will need to have a supported app and an iPhone XS or newer to take advantage of the feature.

Apple is likely to introduce Tap to Pay on iPhone in an upcoming beta release. There's no specific word on when it'll launch to the public, but Stripe said its integration is launching in the spring.