'Pokemon Trading Card Game Live' launching in beta on Feb. 22

Pokemon TCG Live

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The Pokemon Company has announced that a limited beta of "Pokemon Trading Card Game Live" will launch on iOS, macOS, and other platforms later in February ahead of an official debut.

"Pokemon TCG Live" was first announced back in September 2021, but a release was delayed until 2022. The game itself is a refreshed version of Pokemon TCG and includes regular content updates, new card sets, and an iPhone app.

On Wednesday, the Pokemon Company announced that, starting Feb. 22, users in Canada will be able to beta test the game on iOS and Android, as well as on PC and macOS.

Participants in the limited beta will also be able to play the new "Sword & Shield— Brilliant Stars" expansion in "Pokemon TCG Live" before it's released on Feb. 25.

"Developed and published by The Pokemon Company International, Pokemon TCG Live is a new online game that allows players to enjoy the Pokemon Trading Card Game in an updated digital format," the company said. "Similar to the tabletop version of the Pokemon TCG that fans have loved for over 25 years, Pokemon TCG Live features fan-favorite activities like building decks and battling with friends, as well as gameplay modes and daily quests for all types of players regardless of their skill level."

Players of the "Pokemon TCG Online" will be able to port their decks to the updated version if they use the same login information. Like the original, they will also be able to use digital redemption cards found in physical trading packs to get digital versions of their cards.

When it launches to the public later in 2022, "Pokemon TCG Live" will be free to play with no in-app purchases. The Pokemon Company has yet to announce an official release date of the game.