Apple Maps enables accident and hazard reporting in France

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Users of Apple Maps in France can now report accidents as the feature introduced to the US in iOS 14.5 continues to be rolled out internationally.

US and China Apple Maps users were the first to get this feature, introduced in those countries in February, 2021. Since then it has been steadily been introduced in other countries, such as Germany in November 2021, and now France.

According to Consomac, however, the feature is slightly limited compared to the US, in order to comply with local laws. In the US and most territories, the feature can be used to report an accident, any kind of hazard - and also a speed check.

"This feature is prohibited in France," says Consomac (in translation.)

Wherever the accident and hazard reporting feature is available, users can call up a menu while navigating, and tap to start a report.