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Apple 'Peek Performance' event invite is an AR portal

Check out Apple's invite logo in augmented reality

The March 8 Apple event invite has an augmented reality feature for iPhone and iPad which creates a pulsating Apple logo portal. Here's how to activate it.

When on the Apple event webpage, users can click on the Apple logo to enter AR view on iOS and iPadOS devices. On macOS, users can download the file and view the animation in Quick Look.

The logo loops through the pulsing animation and can be viewed in 360-degrees in AR. If you make the object large with pinch to zoom, you can walk "inside" the AR object.

Apple has used AR objects within its event invites for a while now. The "California Streaming" and "Warp Speed" events at the end of 2021 being the most recent examples.

The "Peek Performance" Apple event will be held on March 8 at 1pm EST as a digital-only format. Expected announcements include a third-generation iPhone SE, a new Mac mini, and possibly a new iMac.