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Apple releasing more efficient GaN-based 30W power adapter, says Ming-Chi Kuo

Apple GaN charger

Apple could debut a new 30W power adapter with a redesigned form factor sometime in 2022, according to well-connected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

In a tweet on Monday, Kuo said that the adapter would use gallium nitride — or GaN — technology. Currently used in the 16-inch MacBook Pro adapter, GaN allows for smaller and more efficient power chargers than traditional silicon-based systems.

Although Kuo didn't specify what the power adapter would be for, it's likely to be a replacement for Apple's current 30W wall chargers, which ship with the latest MacBook Air.

Previously, Kuo predicted that Apple could debut "two to three" new GaN-based chargers in 2021.

GaN is a transparent crystalline material can make for smaller and more power efficient chips for power adapters and wall chargers. Although generally more expensive than silicon-based adapters, many third-party brands have taken to releasing GaN-based chargers for iPhones and other models.