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Oculus users will be able to sync fitness data with Apple Health in April

Oculus Quest 2

Meta has announced a new fitness feature for its Oculus Quest 2 that will allow users to send workout data to the Apple Health app and other third-party platforms.

The Oculus platform offers several interactive games that allow users to work out while using the virtual reality platform. However, currently, the games only sync fitness data with the Oculus Mobile app on the headset itself.

Starting in April, Oculus says that it's fitness data will be syncable to the Oculus Mobile app on iOS devices, or directly to the Apple Health app. Users will be able to track calories burned and minutes spent working out.

"If you have an iOS device, you'll be able to choose to sync your VR fitness progress with the Apple Health app to automatically track your VR workouts on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch without having to manually input information about your exercise," Meta wrote of the upcoming feature. "This means all your exercise stats, including your activities both in and out of VR, can be tracked and available in one place."

Of course, this being the company formerly known as Facebook, agreeing to sync fitness data with the smartphone-based app means that the user is authorizing the Quest to store that data in Meta, with all that entails.

Meta, however, promises that its fitness data will be stored in an encrypted state. Additionally, it says it won't use the data for targeted advertising.