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Porsche executives visited Apple to discuss expanding car projects together

Porsche talked with Apple about expanded car projects

Porsche confirms that it has been in talks with Apple about joint car projects to extend outside of CarPlay support, but won't yet say whether that means CarKey, or further features.

Apple doesn't have a lot of car-focused technology on the market, but Porsche says it wants to work with Apple on more joint projects. The company has already integrated CarPlay in popular models and plans to expand beyond that.

No details have been announced, however. According to Reuters, Porsche Chief Executive Oliver Blume said, "We already have Apple CarPlay, we will expand on that."

Speaking in a video conference to announce the company's annual results, he added that it was too soon to make any decisions on future projects.

Managers from Porsche reportedly traveled to the United States to discuss future projects with Apple and other tech companies at the end of 2021. It's not clear what came out of those discussions, and nobody involved has been discussing them.

Porsche's comments on Thursday could be referring to adding CarKey support to future models or perhaps hinting at aiding with the Apple Car. CarKey is a feature that adds a digital key to a user's Apple Wallet on their iPhone that can start, stop, and control features of the vehicle.

Porsche and Apple have worked closely on several projects in the past from adding Apple Music integration directly to the infotainment system to building CarPlay kits for classic vehicles. Apple Fellow Phil Schiller has also previously promoted custom playlists in Apple Music for Porsche owners.