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Apple hit with second iCloud services outage in two days

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Apple is hit with another round of outages, with Apple Music, Podcasts, and both iOS and macOS App Stores affected.

Starting at 5:09 pm ET on Tuesday, many of Apple's services went offline as an apparent outage affected the Cupertino tech giant for the second time in two days.

As always, many users took to social media to report that they'd noticed the interruption in service.

According to Apple, several services were down, including:

  • App Store
  • Apple Books
  • Apple Music
  • Mac App Store
  • Podcasts

Additionally, partial outages and slowdowns were being reported for the following services:

  • iCloud Web Apps
  • Weather
  • Apple Card
  • Game Center

Like Monday, the outages appeared to affect users differently, with some experiencing normal access for some apps but not others.

At 6:28 pm ET, many of Apple's services began returning. Restored services include:

  • Weather
  • iCloud Web Apps
  • Game Center

At 7:01 pm ET, all of Apples services have been listed as functional.