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Apple TV+ workplace drama 'Severance' has a disturbing LinkedIn page

Dylan G. (Zach Cherry) gives you a tour of the kitchenette

A creepy LinkedIn page has been created for "Lumon Industries," the fictitious and very ominous company that's the setting for Apple TV+ hit drama, "Severance."

Following the purported "leak" of an insider's book about the fictitious "Lumon Industries," the producers of "Severance" have launched a detailed LinkedIn page for the company. It even includes a post decrying the book.

"Welcome to the Family," says every video on the page. Each of the videos is done in the style of a corporate induction film, with Dylan G. (Zach Cherry), giving a tour of the firm's offices.

However, every ad also concludes with a significant part of Dylan's to-camera speeches being bleeped out. And he is being observed by unseen characters.

Aside from the company profile beginning with a sentence about the firm being fictitious, the only departure from a regular LinkedIn page is in the "Visit website" link.

Clicking that launches the Apple TV app, and to the "Severance" page there.

Six episodes of the show are currently available, with none giving more than increasingly creepy clues about what "Lumon Industries" really does. A further three episodes will stream weekly from March 25, 2022.

Separately, series creator Dan Erickson has spoken of how the show came from his "own corporate misery," while working in a "meaningless" job.