Discord communications app now supports Apple Silicon natively

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Discord, the well-known gamer-centric messaging, voice chat, and streaming platform, has released an Apple Silicon native version of its macOS app.

After a four-month testing period, Discord released a new version of its eponymous communication tool. The latest version is is an Apple Silicon native app.

To download the latest version of Discord Canary for macOS, you can visit the Discord website. Existing installs appear to be updating in-place with the dual-binary supporting both Intel and Apple Silicon.

The app is Electron-based. Electron apps are generally viewed as bloated and resource-intensive, but the platform allows developers to easier make a cross-platform app, across Windows, iOS, and Mac.

AppleInsider has been testing the "Canary" version since launch in November. While the app will still randomly force macOS to re-ask for permission for microphone and webcam access, there have been no show-stopping bugs.

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