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Google's self-repair program for Pixel launches, Apple's program is nowhere to be seen

Repair program

Google is teaming up with iFixit to provide customers with repair parts for Pixel phones. And, five months after announcement, there have been no updates on own Apple's repair program.

As part of the partnership between iFixit and Google, genuine repair parts for Pixel devices will become available from iFixit starting later in 2022. The available parts will include everything from batteries to displays to cameras.

On Friday, iFixit said it has been working with Google for five years to improve repairability of Pixel devices and says it looks forward to "continuing that relationship."

Google isn't the only smartphone manufacture to announce a program to provide genuine parts and repair resources to consumers.

Apple in November 2021 said that it would launch a new initiative dubbed the "Self Service Repair" program, which would allow consumers to buy first-party repair tools, parts, manuals, and more.

That announcement was unexpected, and represented Apple conceding some of its battles against right to repair. The iPhone maker is known to advocate against right to repair legislation, spending millions on lobbying to stop potential laws at the state level.

However, as of March 2022, Apple has yet to begin selling any repair parts or providing additional details about its Self Service Repair Program. In other words, it's been five months of radio silence on the endeavor.

We've been reaching out monthly to ask about it, and we've not even had a response saying "no comment."

When the company announced its program, it said it would launch in "early 2022." Initially, parts for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 would be available.

Apple probably hasn't changed its mind, of course. But the company is running out of time to hit its "early 2022" timeframe.