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Fraudsters target Apple Pay in credit card scams

Image Credit: Apple

Criminals using stolen credit card details are reportedly linking them to contactless payment systems such as Apple Pay, before spending thousands of dollars through them.

There have been cases before of thieves using a burner iPhone and Apple Pay to spend on stolen credit cards. But now a new report quotes one fraudster as describing Apple Pay as the "easiest way" to make money.

According to Vice, Apple Pay and other systems are discussed on Telegram channels typically used by criminals.

These fraudsters are reportedly now using a recently developed hacking tool. Bots automatically place phone calls to victims, who are then in some unspecified way manipulated into handing over their multi-factor authentication codes.

The bots are then used to link the stolen credit cards to contactless systems. This is the "easiest way to make profit using bot," an administrator for the Yahooze OTP bot posted on Telegram.