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OLED display manufacturer hit by chip shortage, production problems

BOE is reportedly unable to make as many OLED iPhone panels as expected, both because of the global chip shortage, and a lower than hoped yield rate for the displays.

BOE has most recently been readying a plant to make screens for the iPhone 15 Pro, but a new report claims that it is having difficulty fulfilling its current orders.

According to The Elec, BOE's production volumes have been dropping since February 2022. Part of the problem is an unspecified issue with the yield rate for the panels.

However, the global chip shortage appears to be the bigger issue, as the company is said to be struggling to obtain the processors needed for its screens. The Elec says that BOE buys chips from LX Semicon, and faced with a shortage, this firm has elected to supply LG Display first.

BOE was reportedly expecting to produce 30 million OLED iPhone panels in 2022, and hoping to manage 40 million. However, sources from the supply chain say that the shortages are expected to continue up until May at least.