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Leviton announces HomeKit-enabled Decora home lighting solutions for older homes

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Now you can easily add HomeKit-enabled lighting to older homes with the new Decora No-Neutral lineup.

Late Monday afternoon, Leviton debuted several new smart home products to its Decora lineup. Most of them are geared toward adding HomeKit-compatible lighting to older homes that may not feature neutral wiring.

No matter what devices you're interested in, you'll need to purchase a required Smart Wi-Fi Bridge. It supports up to 25 of the No-Neutral devices and offers coverage for 2500 square feet.

Once you've obtained a Bridge, you can add a No-Neutral switch and a No-Neutral dimmer, allowing you to control your lighting from your iPhone.

If you'd like to add a Switch or Dimmer to an area that doesn't have one, the Decora Wire-Free Anywhere companions have you covered. Simply stick the battery-operated switch to your wall — no need to mess with electrical wiring.

You can purchase a standalone Bridge for $19.99, a standalone Switch for $44.99, or a standalone Dimmer for $49.99.

Decora Bridge bundles are available with Anywhere Companion switches starting at $92.22.

The No-Neutral Switch + Bridge can be purchased for $64.98.

There's also a Dimmer + Bridge bundle that can be purchased for $69.98.

Additionally, Decora also released a second-generation Wi-Fi Tamper-resistant outlet. However, it does require a neutral wire to work, so it's best suited for newer construction or retrofitted homes.

It provides on/off control for loads of up to 15A, including lamps, holiday lighting, electronics, and small appliances. It's also compatible with the Anywhere Switch companion.

The Decora Smart Wi-Fi Tamper-Resistant Outlet is available to purchase from Amazon for $34.99.

Lastly, new to the Decora lineup is the Decora Smart Wi-Fi 2nd Gen Motion Sensing Dimmer.

It features ambient light sensing to dim the lights to the perfect level every time. It also offers presets for night, a light guide, and a handy motion snooze that allows you to keep the lights down low while watching movies. It also functions as a control point for other smart switches and HomeKit automations.

Like the Tamper-resistant outlet, it requires homes with neutral wiring to work.

The Decora Smart Wi-Fi 2nd Gen Motion Sensing Dimmer can be purchased from Amazon for $49.99.